Braziliano Coffee Super Barista 1Kg

A super barista exudes passion, exacting perfection, unswerving commitment and utmost pride. To facilitate a greater understanding of the art and science of specialty coffee, the SuperBarista Artisan Roast was developed in conjunction with our coffee education facility to provide an immersive espresso experience.

Excelling in the art of coffee, SuperBarista is designed to be ‘old-style’, in that it is a medium-bodied coffee, and more subtle than many blends available.

Developed as a specialty coffee in 2009, Superbarista is a subtly bright coffee with medium acidity. Mixed with milk, the mild and nutty smooth chocolate flavour lingers to showcase hints of oak and spice. On its own as an espresso, The Superbarista blend holds its own with elements of juicy fruit and a sweet cedar aroma.

  • $48.00
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